Syria – What We Can Do to Help

With all the heartbreak and tragedy going on in Syria a lot of people are starting to ask, “How can we help?”

This is great! The American people have always been more effective than our government when it comes to offering aid. In times of chaos, we have come together to reach out and support one another and make sure we all make it through.

Now for most people, (like me) we don’t have the time, resources, or training to hop on a plane and volunteer in Syria; However, the is an easy way to make a difference where ever you are. There are several organizations doing humanitarian work in Syria who could use our financial support. Some of these organizations include (but are in no way limited to) The White Helmets, Doctors without Borders, Islamic Relief USA, and the United States Fund for UNICEF.

There are also many other ways to help. (While it’s kinda difficult for me to do in the middle of nowhere, Michigan.) You can always volunteer to help refugees in your community. You can drive them, buy them food, provide emotional support, help them with their English. The list goes on, and on. All these a great way to make them feel at home accepted in our Country.

One final way to help the people of Syria is to call you representative and tell them that you want them to vote to abolish the Travel Ban of Syrians seeking political asylum here in the United States. Don’t know who your representative is? Click HERE to find out!


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