A Quick Shoutout

Hey, guys! Sorry, it’s  been so long since my last post. But in light of Mothers day (Happy late Mothers-day for any moms out there) I wanted to talk about moms. Moms are amazing. They do a lot of stuff. I’m actually pretty sure that when you have a child you are gifted with some kind of superhuman ability. But despite this they still get tired and most of the time get little to no thanks. So here’s to all the moms out there, working hard to make the universe a better place.

But wait! There’s more!

What about single moms? Basically, these people are amazing on top of doing everything other moms do, they also work a full-time job and sometimes more. These women do the jobs of two people and somehow manage to keep their sanity. It’s impossible but somehow they manage. Despite how amazing they may seem to everyone around them every single mom I have ever met has always had one huge struggle. They constantly question is they are a good parent.

Now I’m sure every parent does this to a degree, but when you are a single parent, there’s no help on the hard days. No one to help, no one to give you a break. You get upset? You can’t just go for a drive.

Obviously, I feel like this is the worst for single moms with young kids.

I’m sure Mother’s Day can be a difficult day. If you have young kids, chances are instead of hearing well-deserved thanks you hear something like: MOM, MOMMY, HEY MOM, FEED ME, I WANT WATER.

So in case, you didn’t hear it this weekend. Happy Mothers Day. You deserve so much more than anyone could give you.


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